Krazee Zeek's

Infection Resolution $150

In most cases, I will clean and secure the computer without reinstalling Windows. However, in the rare case that Windows must be reinstalled, all personal data files are backed-up and restored.


I still have Chunk and Trixie, and if you need to visit them, I can probably set up a play date :)

Computer Consulting and Repair

Welcome to Krazee Zeek's! The store is now closed, but I continue to work with computers from my home. In most situations, I will meet you to take your computer to my home shop. My rate is $100 per hour, with additional $25 delivery fee for locations outside of Fairbanks. I specialize in building custom gaming and business computers to order, and resolving computer infection problems. However, I will fix almost any problem concerning your PC or laptop. Call (907) 458-0378 or email if you have questions or need work done. 

Custom System Quotes

I build high-end gaming systems and specialized workstations. You provide me with a list of functions, and I will provide you with a quote for a system to meet your needs.